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Tim Jones

Project summary:

Tim Jones a.k.a Mit Senoj

Beneath the surface of the skin is a hidden topography of human biology. This atlas forms the basis of my creative practice. I am concerned with our physiological self and the psychological response to our inner science. I distort the natural law of our appearance , through misappropriation of the familiar into the unimaginable, inner forms into the outward representation of ourselves. The work is executed in the tradition of the Grotesque a post renaissance invention that delved into the darker side of European psychology.

Drawing is my preferred means of expression, inventions of anatomy. I have been restricted to working with ink and mapping pens, this enables me to produce a delicate line, but I have been seduced by the qualities inherent in the process of etching. I want to use the historical authority of the medium and further examine its potential to move my practice forward. Ideally I would like to create a suite of prints that draws on the print department at the Whitworth Gallery and items of interest in the Manchester Natural History Museum.

'My God'
Ink & Watercolour - 42.5 x 32.5cm