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Theresa Easton

Project summary:

Throughout my AA2A residency at UCLan I have spent time conversing and discussing my journal with students, other artists, academics and lecturers and for me this has been the most useful thing. I have worked on several journals that will be printed shortly but throughout the process I have found the discussions and the sharing of ideas the thing that has helped me most. This residency wasn't so much about giving me materials or even space but simply the reason to develop something and access to other professionals and students. This is important for an early-career artist/writer like myself as I have so much other stuff going on. I am still very much 'working on it' and am still in the process of developing journals and projects that will be exhibited at the end show this September. I have made some very important decisions about my journal, where I want to take it and what I don’t want it to be. I wouldn’t have been able to make these decisions without the conversions that I had and the ideas and advice I had from other people I met on the residency. My journal has developed in the following ways: • I am no longer just the ‘editor’ – I am part of the creative process and will be putting much more of myself into future issues. • The journal will be a space for creative expressions and investigative journeys • The journal is a unique and valuable space for critical debate writing and commentary On the whole I have felt a little awkward having such a non-studio based project for AA2A and have felt a little worried about not having enough practical ‘evidence’ but I have developed and moved my journal forward in profoundly useful ways. This residency has confirmed the value of discussion and critical commentary within the arts, which I aim my journal to play a strong part.

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