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Steve Manthorp

Project summary:

The AA2A scheme has allowed me to fuse two hitherto entirely separate strands of my practice and to work with facilities not available to me in my home studio. The support of college staff has enabled me to develop my lathe skills and to combine my craft skills with my digital arts practice.

I still don’t know whether the piece works or not – I can look at my progress to date and see in it the mystery and ‘otherliness’ I intend it to possess; then at other moments it seems kitschy and frivolous. I think it’s probably both; but I guess I’ll only know when I complete it (my completion of the work under the scheme has been delayed by an injury). This is another benefit of the AA2A scheme: the art college environment encourages experimentation and exploration outside of one’s established practice and comfort zone. My work under the scheme has taken me in a completely new direction, and my ideas book is now full with a backlog of sketches for work combining craft and digital elements.

I’ve enjoyed working alongside the students, and I hope that my presence has been useful to some. I’ve had good conversations with several and they’ve been kind enough to show me their own work. In one or two cases I’ve been able to offer critical support and advice drawn from my creative skills and experience.

It’s been good: a real opportunity to shift direction in my work and to develop my skills and ideas in a supportive and creative environment.

wooden carving with embedded video Sycamore & TFT screen - 20 x 12cm