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Stephen Coulson

Project summary:

The scheme came just at the right time for me as it gave me the chance to push ideas that I have wanted to complete since finishing my MA in Printmaking 2001. The work is inspired by William Hogarth's 'A Harlot's Progress' and 'A Rake's Progress.' My work brings together traditional ideas influenced by Hogarth's own perceptions of morality and my own interpretations of popular culture in today's contemporary society. Thus creating a visceral reaction to both plays and making links between the two suites of work. The work I have produced is vibrant and colourful and I have tried to capture a world from my eyes as I see culture today, being energetic, fast moving, with graphic influences being pushed in our face all time through the media and advertising. My suite of prints was created in Photoshop using scanned material from my sketchbook, it was then burnt on to CD and printed out photographically through a digital process.


Cherry Pie by Stephen Coulson.

Digitally manipulated photographic print 30cm x 42cm