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Sophie Fordham

Project summary:

I have always had a great interest in stories and mythology, old and emerging, and how they reflect and highlight our culture. In my work I use images that narrate my day to day stories, with the intention of conveying the human experience. I am interested in how we fit in to our environments, be they emotional, social or physical. Being a mother of two young children and an artist in a small rural village, my work deals with issues of conformity/domesticity and escapism, constraint and freedom, isolation and companionship. In my work I use many layers of images and techniques, to me these represent the constantly enlightening and confusing display of life's ever changing experiences. In recent months I have noticed the natural world increasingly coming into my paintings and prints, this to me raises the ever topical question of man’s place within the natural environment. This is the subject I would like to explore whilst working in Plymouth, but again, from a very personal and day to day perspective.

Using the printing department in PCAD would give me the opportunity to develop my work on a larger scale and to have the opportunity to broaden my range of printing techniques within each image. I would like to produce a body of work that deals with my personal experience with the environment around me be it social, natural or man made. I want my work to reflect the relationship between us and our environment (in a broader sense), and how one effects the other, and the constant changes we as individuals need to make to keep in tune with our surroundings.

Drifting One'
mixed media print - 26 x 21cm