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Sian Hindle

Project summary:

I am a designer and text-based artist who makes three dimensional objects – from jewellery to large scale installations – out of the written word. The filigree nature of these objects casts intruguing shadows, and I should like to exploit this feature by creating calligraphic pieces that incorporate a light source. I will work primarily in metal, using the metalworking, mould making and casting equipment to create large scale calligraphic letter forms. These will have more substance than was possible with, for example, the photoetched metal used for the birds created for the New Generation Arts St Chad’s Cathedral commission. This will enable me to develop sculptural pieces that – when combined with lighting – have significant impact, the shadows cast drawing viewers in to examine the metalwork itself.

This opportunity will allow me to: • work at a large scale, exploring the sculptural potential of the calligraphic forms • develop a portfolio of work that will allow me to apply for installation work/public art commissions of a more prestigious nature • exploit equipment and process not currently available to me for reasons of cost and health and safety • gain valuable feedback from process of engaging students in work • extend my network of craft practitioners

I intend to create a number of experimental pieces which will explore how my calligraphic letter forms can be developed sculpturally. Light sources to will be used within the pieces to create impact through the shadows cast. 

'Word Flight (detail)'
Component piece of Word Flight installation in glass 40 x 40cm