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Sheila de Rosa

Project summary:

The body of work completed as a recipient of the AA2A scheme are concerned with confinement.

Computer manipulated images and text have been screen-printed onto soda glass, which has been slumped over a former within a kiln. This work moves away from the strict geometry of earlier work to a softer, more fluid woven construction. The tension between the horizontal and vertical sumbolise the dichotomy between two opposites and highlights the disparity between the polemic and the practice of war.

This work makes use of the traditional female activity of weaving and the use of a material usually considered sharp, solid and dangerous. The woven construction and its subsequent slumping over a wavy ?former? and the use of white screen printed images combine my printing practice with my glass works and provide me with the means of overcoming the frustrating two dimensionality of printing onto paper.

This body of work will be exhibited at the Greenbelt Festival - Cheltenham Racecourse 2004, 27th-31st August 2004. Theme "Freedom Bound".


States of Contradiction 1 by Sheila de Rosa. Photo the artist.

Slumped Soda Glass, approx 60 x 35cm