Previous AA2A Artist

Shaeron Caton-Rose

Project summary:

On my AA2A residency I want to develop a new body of work looking at the domestication of women in today’s multicultural society. There are four distinct parts to this project:

- Tied: sculptural aprons made using textile processes examining the relationships between mothers and daughters

- Immaculate: apron sculpture to be part of the Mary show at Bradford Cathedral 2009 considering religious and historical projections of women’s roles and character.

- Veils: sculpture project examining the experience of women who wear the Nicaab. I have talked to Wahida Shaffy in Bradford to arrange interviews with some of these women.

- Aprons of Leeds/Bradford: photographs of workers in their aprons from city centre cafes, toilets etc, projected onto a large blank apron. Looking at the issue of immigrant workers as a low-paid, often invisible underclass.

During the residency I propose to complete the first stage of this work, Tied. Using the processes of disperse dying, flock, foil and devoure I will transfer imagery to synthetic and natural fabrics which will then be constructed into aprons stiffened by wire in the seams, so that they can be suspended sculpturally. I plan to hang them in family groups, tied together by their apron strings as if holding hands. The imagery will come from research into several participating families. Over the summer I am sending out packs containing fabric paints/pens and aprons in which are questions/ prompts to enable the participants to reflect on their relationships with their mothers and daughters. They will be asked to respond directly onto the aprons by drawing, writing and affixing items of significance. These will be the inspiration for my sculptures.

I completed one AA2A residency in 2004/5 and know that the placement will provide me with access to processes that will enhance the quality of my work.


broken glass, video clips, blue light - dimensions variable