Previous AA2A Artist

Sarah Harrison

Project summary:

As an embroiderer I am naturally attracted to pattern and texture, from which I create unique embellished textile surfaces. Natural environments form the inspiration source for my work. I explore these environments through the lens of my camera, in which I distil the particular elements of the environment that I am attracted to, which I subsequently translate onto cloth. The subtle, intricate patterns and textures that are found in these environments are sensitively reflected and portrayed within my textile pieces. I am fascinated by the repeated occurrence of individual elements within nature, revealed through my photographic explorations of these environments. This has been reflected within my textiles through the repeated use of a particular element, such as a stitch, an embellishment technique, or constructed element. Although these elements may, at first glance appear identical, a closer inspection reveals the subtle differences and individual characteristics that make each one unique.

It is this interest in repetition and multiples within nature that I have explored during the AA2A scheme. I have specifically been developing techniques that began during my MA studies. I had the opportunity to explore a variety of textile process which I combined in original ways, producing innovative textile outcomes. Since completing my studies, I have no longer had access to much of this equipment associated with these techniques and process. Therefore during the AA2A scheme I have been using a smocking machine to create smocked, circular forms inspired by the forms of mushrooms, as well as experimenting to a lesser extent with print techniques.

Initially I envisaged creating specific textile outcomes, however this has changed during the scheme and I have produced textile elements and fabrics which have a variety of potential textile applications, including fashion / interiors fabrics and accessories, wall mounted textile pieces, and textile art pieces.

Wall mounted textile art piece