Previous AA2A Artist

Sarah Godfrey

Project summary:

While on the AA2A colleges scheme at Derby University, Sarah was based in the printmaking department. Over the last three years she has been supported by Arts Council England to research and develop her work through the non-toxic Intaglio-type printmaking process. A technique being set up at the University.

Although Sarah's art education was in illustration, since she has been doing this research her work has become increasingly abstract due to the nature of testing the processes.

Although she has enjoyed this result, Sarah wanted to use her time at Derby to refocus the content of her artwork and bring it back to her illustrative roots.

As a source of inspiration, Sarah has taken Alice in Wonderland. Although her work on this theme is still very much in progress she feels the access she had to library facilities, computers and the the opportunity to talk to art students has really been beneficial, and she now feels more confident again in her illustrative skills.

Sarah recently set up her own printmaking studio where she holds courses to teach the non-toxic Intaglio-type printmaking technique.


Alice and Cat by Sarah Godfrey.