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Sarah Bayliss

Project summary:

I am a multi-disciplinary artist working with the site-specific in temporary installation and intervention. The work is informed by its physical and social environment both in the present and historically. Experiences of the people who 'own' the space, alongside the physical landscape itself are major factors in the ultimate form the art takes. Most recently I have been exploring the site responsive nature of engineering. Research into the evolution of sewers, dams, bridges, boats, lighthouses brought to light the iconic role of such constructions. This can be best illustrated by the famous Stari Bridge in Mostar, which when destroyed during the Bosnian War was not mourned for through need to cross the water, but for those that: ‘lost a cherished piece of memory. For them the Stari Most Bridge was as significant as the nave of Hagia Sophia, or the top of the Empire State Building, the approach to the Taj Mahal or the heights of Machu Picchu; its presence surpassed any function.’ Suha Ozkan,(1994) in "The Destruction of Stari Most" I look to investigate this theme further through reading, sketching and exploring form in sculpture and installation which will be incorporated into a new body of work for gallery. I view this scheme as an opportunity to intensively work alongside artists for six months, after which I will be able to reflect on the work: its development and future potential.