Previous AA2A Artist

Samantha-Sarah Jones

Project summary:

It is my hope that the AA2A opportunity will facilitate my manifestation of some original, wood and aluminium structures that not only continue to develop my concerns with the effects of environments upon human nature and vice versa - but which can take them further by depicting my recurrent fascination with the light and dark sides of Human Nature.

Exploring literary metaphors, narrative myths, fables and even legends my work looks for their relevance and accuracy in representing some choice experiences of human beings.

I have been working with images and animations constructed with 3d modelling software over the last 2 years but the AA2A opportunity would allow me to leave the virtual world for a little while and go back to realising the feeling of sculptural objects which I hope to incorporate into new animations and Fine Art Media Film.

The AA2A opportunity will enable me to develop my expression of human nature further - complete with all of its confusing nuances and intangible qualities which are usually hidden and unseen to the naked eye but which I feel deserve to be seen, if only to be understood more fully.

'BEREFT - Safe & Sound Series 2008'
digital film still