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Sally Robinson

Project summary:

In my practise I have been focusing on work that portrays a visual representation of emotions working across the axis of 2D 3D 2D with a strong emphasis on colour and the impact of light and movement on installations. My models and installations have been developed using coloured acetate sheets from the Scrap Store used for cost and ease of usage.

I have been intrigued for some time by light reflecting, translucent and opaque plastics and how they may take me to another level in developing the work both in impact and scale - Glass similarly seems to me to have possibilities although I have concerns to explore re the level of movement and safety in having installations of moving glass!!

I wish to explore the use of both, in particular plastics, in developing my installations and the models I use. This will involve cutting sheets of plastic and exploring ways of shaping, constructing and hanging these pieces.

The pieces I plan are hung on walls, centrally in rooms and in window spaces - these are all pieces I am working on at the moment and I am starting discussions re locations for different pieces.

Use of UCF facilities will mean I can cut and shape and then assemble there or in my studio or both. This will provide the opportunity to explore, experiment and see how I may use different materials in developing exisitng models and installations - this will in turn inform how I think and imagine possibilities in the future.

I want to determine whether plastics or glass do provide a significant way forward for my work with light, movement and translucency this I feel will assist me in developing proposals for work with partners and to access grants to develop full pieces.