Previous AA2A Artist

Ros White

Project summary:

The access to the facilities within the University and particularly the availability to use the print room facilities at Caldewgate campus have allowed me to develop ideas and innovations within my practice as I am both a painter and a printer.

I have always valued print because it has allowed me to produce prints in their own right, it allows me to experiment, it informs my work, and helps me to develop new initiatives. The aquatints are all related to a sea and coastal theme I am working on, and I am aware of the importance the compositions are beginning to take within my practice.

It is the transient nature of the sea and coastline that drives my printing and painting forward. The starting point for my inspiration is the coast and sea around the Solway Firth, Cumbria. The composition eventually evolves as I investigate both normal and aerial views.

The prints I have done take the line and form of the area and use compositions relating to the seashore environment and rock pools. Through print I have experimented with various techniques but now I have had the opportunity to concentrated on aquatint.

The discipline of aquatint has led me to question composition, line, shape, and specifically the four tones required to make a finished piece of work This learning curve has had a spin off in the form of valuable analysis of tonal quality within my practice.

My prints invite the viewer to bring their own memories of sea and coastline forward, and read these from within their experiences. I hope to convey to the viewer the essence of the landscape.

While involved with my printing I have enjoyed immensely the daily contact with the students. There has been a great deal of laughter and through it all came a strong feeling of camaraderie. I feel that the chatter and questions have been beneficial in strengthening ideas and projects on both sides. I appreciate fresh eyes viewing my practice and working with these students has been a definite plus for me.

Within the time frame allowed I have had the opportunity to review my practice and this has been invaluable in looking at new avenues of work. I have found the opportunity to refresh, and take time to reassess my practice, and I would strongly recommend this AA2A opportunity to every artist.

'Oyster Catchers on the Solway'
aquatint on Somerset paper / 52 x 66 cm