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Rose Stallard

Project summary:

I have been selected to put a show on at the Dazed and Confused Gallery, London in late spring 07 so my self-initiated brief is to create a series of limited edition screenprinted Posters, flyers, badges, all elements of Rock memorabilia. The show will be launched and reviewed in Dazed and Confused Magazine.

My work continually steers towards the subject matter of Rock n Roll because I love it. I also want to explore my own relationship with art and rock music as an artist, musician and fan. I have a fanzine type approach to my work, this involves using found imagery with my own drawings. Screen prints are made and repeated directly onto canvas, t-shirts or paper, they are then re-worked merging print with materials ranging from letraset, spray paint, felt-tip, stitch and household paint.

In the past I have worked on various art and music projects. For my MA I made a series of screen prints in homage to 70s rock stars such as Stephen Stills and Loudon Wainwright. For these I used a fusion of borrowed lyrics, off beat slogans with an eclectic mix of colour and distressed images.  

More recently I designed and printed a small run of rock tees for kids, complete with 7” colouring book and plectrum. This developed into a set of album covers screen printed and coloured in for a group show curated by P.I.M.P (a magazine and agency) in London Dec 05. I also play with Ten Miles of Bad Road – my favourite rock Band!

'Guitar pedals'