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Robin Kiteley

Project summary:

I would like to develop a moving image piece (possibly utilising animation techniques) and associated artist’s book which explores themes of autobiography, masculinity and sexuality. I envisage this as being a development of the moving image work that I have previously produced. I am particularly interested in the use of ‘found’ materials within the context of autobiographical and personal narratives.

I would also like to develop my practice in terms of artist’s film and video curation and programming as this is an area in which I have no current experience, I feel this would provide me with valuable experience for future professional development. I am interested in exploring the possibility of projecting a public, experimental film programme onto the exterior of the Creative Arts building. I would also be interested in facilitating a series of more informal screenings aimed specifically at University of Huddersfield creative arts students.

I am interested in multi-disciplinary approaches to creative practice which cut across traditional subject boundaries. Consequently I feel that my practice would offer students an insight into how such approaches are realised in practice. I also feel that my experience as an educator would help to inform my interaction with students both in terms of formal and informal learning opportunities. In particular I would be interested in facilitating a programme of artists’ film and video screenings and encouraging debate and discussion about how such work may operate as a creative and philosophical stimulus. I am also interested in students use of social networking technologies and would consider documenting my process and practices using a blog.

'Test Phantom (video still)'