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Robert Britt

Project summary:

As we are increasingly disembodied from the natural world, our sense of self and place is degraded, and wildness comes to symbolise a freedom from repression and unacted desires. 

Our behaviour becomes anthropomorphised in way that we playact as ourselves, often at ends with our physical actuality. 

In an attempt to communicate these ideas I revert to an older, childish sense of story and imagery with an emphasis on the unknowable other, the mysterious and inexplicable.

“A characteristic of the fairy tale is that it is unbelievable.” Peter, Iona Opie

Having worked as a technician and artist’s assistant over the last few years, I’ve been deeply involved in other people’s art from inception to execution, yet found little time to produce my own body of work. 

To put aside structured and committed time to develop further personal work is an opportunity, which cannot be missed, and I’m embarking upon it with great relish, and hopefully pass on a little of my enthusiasm and love of creating.

'Singing of songs sung'
etching - 36 x 27cm