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Richard Phipps

Project summary:

Just before I finished the MA programme at Newcastle University I was making videos that toyed with the notion of the monotonous and the perpetual, these areas were then enhanced conceptually and aesthetically to almost irritating extremes and proportions. Within this work I wanted the viewer to try to imagine what it would possibly be like to make some kind of intervention, some kind of a breakthrough in the repetitive cycles we were witnessing on the screen. Thus in return holding up a microscope to that of our own lives, the videos then would serve as analogous patterns or sequences in the repetitive we sometimes find ourselves struggling with day-after-day. 

Like us the characters/objects could find themselves in inexplicable situations, seemingly as playthings of fate. Unfortunately for them they were permanently stuck in their games, their sameness of life’s perpetual dances. At least we had an option, a luxury that when we got stuck in our sameness we could break free, couldn’t we? Most of us though go semi-automatically through most of our (very similar days) stuck in the maze of the banal and the mundane; we don’t even try to stop and treat each day like a world onto itself, and decide how to best use it. 

I wanted these scenarios in the videos to offer possible insights, alternatives, possible routes, and possible pathways, no matter how small they were, to a potential way out? These characters, these objects were permanently trapped metaphorically inside their routines their freedom, their hell only came to an end once the dvd was switched off, they suffered the same fate as arcade game characters. Like many heroes of fiction we can only escape from exile, from ourselves, by being exiled in a situation not of our choosing. 

The novel 'The Transmigration of Timothy Archer' by Philip K. Dick is the current inspiration for my new video pieces. I would like to use Newcastle Universities multi media facilities for making and researching film that is connected to this text

still from video