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Richard Henry

Project summary:

My work is concerned with geometric symbolism and the contemplative dimension of pattern. I am particularly interested in how an abstract geometric work can achieve a meditative quality whether in a painting or within an architectural space.

I have recently been looking at connections between medieval patterns in Iran, known as ‘girih’, and the beautiful non-repeating patterns that scientists and mathematicians have discovered within ‘quasi-crystals’, a new type of metallic alloy that has revolutionized the field of crystallography. I‘ve been looking at ways of combining Iranian ‘girih’ motifs with quasi-crystal patterns and believe that sustained work in this area will provide a key to open up the extraordinary creative potential of this geometric design language, as well as offering some key insights into the contemplative dimension of these patterns.

Over the course of the AA2A project I plan, through a combination of silk-screen printing and collage techniques, to create a series of works, which explore the above themes and shed light upon this fascinating interface between science and art.

Block print on rice papers on canvas - 20cm x 31cm