Previous AA2A Artist

Rebecca Harvey

Project summary:

A collection of items for the table, a gathering, where time and occasion are valued. Sensual objects combine porcelain, glass and silver to develop a language, a narrative. Line directs form to complete the ensemble. A direct tactile communication is created between myself and you. There is an intimate engagement with the objects through use. Exploring the materiality of the porcelain with finely thrown cups with fluid slip trailed handles juxtaposing the raw ceramic sliced platters. Blown glass bowls, plates are inspired by traditional Venetian techniques with a contemporary twist. Flowing lines and reflections are enhanced and complimented when placed on the porcelain. Concerns of function and form inspire these objects, thinking through making identified within an applied art context. Large one-off pieces capture a raw energy and fluidity of movement, a gestured rhythm, and considered smaller pieces add a delicacy to the table. A dialogue is formed between the two.

The research would facilitate an invaluable opportunity to continue the line of inquiry within the relationship of porcelain and glass. It will challenge my ideas of creative approach, inspiration and expression. The dialogue arising with students would be inspiring and thought provoking. I would greatly benefit from the opportunity for theoretical reflection alongside practical making in such a stimulating environment, as well as benefit from access to such a variety of facilities. I anticipate creating a series of objects for exhibition.