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Priya Mistry

Project summary:

Spectacle! is a six month practical research project. Inspired by the spectacle of the travelling Fairgrounds and Circus Shows. The main focus of research will be in 2 areas:
-Side Show -Menageries/Curiosities/Wild Beasts Acts
-Fairground Design Costume/Trailer /Poster.

The outcome of the research period will be 3 experimental in -progress installations hosted in a 'shop window'. In Spectacle each window installation will act like a fairground poster, featuring the latest spectacle- a newly invented sideshow creature!
Framed by the atmosphere of the fairground era. This series installations will not be final and complete, but sketches of works in progress. Taking place between in March-April 2010.

whatsthebigmistry projects work across visual art/live art and performance. Commissions are from theatres, galleries and festivals- but most are one off live events, with interactive performers, costumes, props and bespoke work in sites. Recently there have been developments of 2 new strands of 'exhibiting' works appose to event based projects.

AA2A is an opportunity to develop my skills base, work in a new media and develop my portfolio to better relflect these developments in creative practice.

The aim is to document the work undertaken on AA2A, develop my portfolio so that it better represents ideas and explorations in installation, a direction I wish to extend in my practice. The work produced during AA2A will consequently support the development and growth of my practice as a multidisciplinary artist.