Previous AA2A Artist

Polly Cruse

Project summary:

My work is focused on understanding the immaterial aspects of the human condition. Currently I am exploring the temporary relief felt when being distracted from the banality of every day living.

I construct and place everyday objects into the landscape photographing these to record and capture moments of dreamt freedom. The constructions make reference to the childhood fiction and fantasies of objects becoming animated and lively. The photographs reference the holiday snapshot of recorded fleeting moments of pleasure and escape for future reflection and daydream.

I employ ornaments and objects gleaned from charity shops, the articles that were once used to personalise dwellings to create safe havens for relaxation and escape, items that exemplify the need for creativity within our lives.

Participating in the AA2A scheme at Norwich School of Art and Design has enabled me to extend my work to a far greater extent than I had anticipated.

As a result of having the workshop facilities and the invaluable expert help available, I have been able to replicate objects using sand casting and hot rubber mould making techniques both of these are new processes for my sculptural practice.

I achieved a long-standing ambition for my photographic images by creating large-scale poster pieces that aim to distract and amuse the everyday passer-by, without imposing the customary pressures and demands of commercial advertising. Simultaneously I fulfilled an exhibition commitment to present posters for public display; my posters are at present being exhibited at Windows 204, an exhibition venue sited in the windows of a vacant shop in Bristol.

The Artist Access Scheme has enabled me to achieve a focused period of work practice and provided me with invaluable support whilst working amongst like-minded student artists.

'They Will Have Music… (detail)'
aluminium, steel, children's tap dancing shoes - 25 x 24 x 150cm