Previous AA2A Artist

Pia Raeymaekers

Project summary:

Since I started my higher education I have been focused on my development of technique and the transformation of this in my practical work. Since I finished my MA in 2005, and have experienced the freedom of being a self employed artist in Belgium, I have created freedom because of my technical development which allowed me to give more attention to the content that was put aside in the previous years. There was the freedom to think sculptural, instead of making compromises because of technical difficulties. 

My work is kiln formed based. I like to work with creating tension between in clarities, and transparency, fragility and strength. This is something that I would like to further develop within the glass workshop of the university. I will concentrate on large kiln formed glass, as I have done in the past. Only now I can again go a bit further because of my experience. To be able to grow in your work you need to have the freedom to experiment. In a University like Sunderland this is certainly possible.

Glass is a material from which it is expected to be worked with in a certain way. It has to be polished in a certain way and afterwards displayed. This is a rare phenomenon within the field of fine art, sculpture. And probably this is one of the main reasons why glass is still considered to be a craft. I like to play with these elements because why not display a work that is not polished, why not handle glass like any other material.