Previous AA2A Artist

Peter Cunliffe

Project summary:

Sadly Peter Cunliffe, who was an AA2A artist in 2002 and 2005, died suddenly on 29th February 2008. His exhibition 'Circus Series' will continue as planned at the Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery from 8th March until 31st May 2008. His images and statements remain on this website as a tribute to his work.

The prime objective of the five screen prints produced on the AA2A programme at UCLAN was to break away from the traditional format of rectangular image within a rectangular paper area.

"The images extend themselves to the paper edge to varying degrees allowing the paper itself to act in an integrated manner as part of the whole image.

Conceptually they are an extension of my interests in relationships between rhythmic components, whether they are in harmony or in opposition. In essence, they are Duos, both musically and poetically, that focus on the interplay of two component parts of a whole integrated piece.

Technically, they deal with screen-printed overlays of ink washes, utilising non-photographic, hand produced transparent positives. The work was editioned in the usual manner.

The best thing about the AA2A project was the ability to use facilities which otherwise I would not have access to. Screenprinting requires a substantial amount of equipment and space which is only available in colleges and specialised print workshops. I managed to push the boundaries of the process and therefore expanded possibilities of the medium in a way that fitted the development of ideas."