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Penny Hardy

Project summary:

‘You Blew Me Away’

With this piece of work I wanted to continue with creating a sense of movement within sculptures, but wished to focus on the movement of material around the space left by a figure and to relate this to the shifting tides of your emotional states rather than the literal representation of a moving figure.

‘You blew me away’ is a set of four pieces showing the change and gradual disintegration of your stable state of mind, representing the strength of feeling you have on meeting someone new.

My sculptures over the last two years express organic forms as tensile elements and are inspired by the expressive and dynamic forms of contemporary dancers. They are made using a soft aluminium wire to create the fluid frame, which is then strengthened and enhanced using resin filler. By using these flexible, sinuous materials the dancers raw and exposed movement is conveyed. By leaving out a lot of mass within the sculpture and exposing wires outside of the main form a vision of movement is created - where the limb may have been or the extremes of a dancer’s movement contained within that pose. The sense of movement and dynamics within sculpture provides it with life and vitality and whilst remaining true to the use of simple, raw materials, my aim is to capture this.

'You Blew Me Away'