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Paul Jaques

Project summary:

I wanted to use the placement to experiment with cheap mass-produced sheets of composite material to make 3-dimensional forms. By using 'shuttering' ply, designed for use in the construction industry, the possibilities and permutations seemed endless as the material is strong, waterproof and easily fashioned into large forms. Having researched the material's qualities, I developed a project on the theme of rock pools. This resulted in a large plywood bowl-form whose interior structural patterns resembled rock strata and whose exterior had strong boat-like characteristics. Inside the bowl form bronze and porcelain 'seaweed' floats to an imaginary water surface. Unfortunately this element was not completed at the time of the photographic session. As with all my work, there is an ambiguity and with a glass top across the bowl the piece becomes a coffee table.


Title unknown by Paul Jaques. Photo University of Wolverhampton.