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Paul Grimmer

Project summary:

I make work with the body, using physical, biological and architectural presence, structure and space as a doorway to the psychological and unseen. My practice is rooted in the psychological, in considerations of: balance, duality, negotiation, transformation, struggle, power and control. The work explores how these structures, processes, exchanges and interactions intertwine the worlds around and within us, influencing our perception, understanding and belief.

Much of my recent work has involved engagement with scientific and medical approaches to the body, working with scientists in a variety of fields including Archaeology and Cell Biology. I began exploring virus structure and the virus-host relationship during a residency with the Medical Research Council, Virology Unit (Glasgow) in 2008. A body of work has evolved from this research with further development time on a Base Elements residency with Allenheads Contemporary Arts (Northumberland) and a LabSpace residency with Dance City (Newcastle). The project explores ideas of (trans)mutation, replication and evolution - processes of scientific, spiritual and mythological transformation and the struggle toward perfection.

I hope to continue developing this project through the AA2A scheme with Sunderland University, making particular use of their unique facilities. I predominently work with digital image, video and installation and I am keen to expand my visual language, re-connecting with more sculptural aspects of my practice. I aim to use my time designing, experimenting and potentially creating a sculptural object based on earlier digital image works from my current research. I would like to explore the possibility of creating this object in ceramic, a way of working that used to be central to my practice.

'Through the Looking Glass'
Video still