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Paul Goodrick

Project summary:

Paul lives in Kent and works as an artist both locally and internationally. He originally graduated from the Kent Institute of Art and Design with a First class Honours Degree in Fine Art and has been involved in countless exhibitions both locally and abroad. Recent exhibitions include “SeaArt” at the Iota Gallery (August 2006) and 'Flock' at the Riverside Country Park in Gillingham (2005) as well as 'Photoworks' Sante Fe in Argentina (2004) and 'Field of Vision' at The Lab Gallery in New York (2004). 

“My work mainly focuses on nature and natural materials, and I am particularly interested in relationships and tensions between the natural and urban environments. I enjoy involving other people in the creation of my work. As an environmental artist with an interest in the relationship between natural and urban environments, my work at the college will involve the process of combining natural and made materials. The outcome will be sculptures or installation work. The facilities I plan to use will be wide ranging – stone carving, wood working and metal working, as well as other sculptural work using a variety of media. This may link to off site work or into ongoing projects and commissions, and any students interested in this aspect are welcomed to participate. 

I am also in the process of writing a book on environmental art, so my work at the college may well feed this as well. The end results of the work I will be doing will be in the context of this process of combining, changing and enhancing materials and their metaphoric values. It will also be based on research about the materials themselves and to this end I will be using the library facilities and the internet. I will use digital technologies to creative a narrative of the whole project in the form of web site pages. Although my work generally looks at nature or uses natural materials, it is often the case that the object develops its own identity and values which transcend any originally intended notions or ideas. Process and positioning helps to make this happen too. Many of my projects involve other people, often all making the same object, and these objects are brought together as a single installation. It will be interesting to see what happens by working in an art college environment as a professional artist.

'Split Log'