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Patricia Niemann

Project summary:

My work is sculptural body adornment with hot glass as the main component. The planned project will be based on the rich archeology and ancient burial sites in the Far North of Scotland. The idea of decay through the rough weather and erosion there - and the fragile beauty it creates - is part of the theme. I plan to make hot sculpted glass bones of the human skeleton, mainly femurs, sacrums and smaller, more stylised bones – and turn them into body adornment.

Normally, in my life as a full-time goldsmith and designer, I can only spend about half a day per week on glass. This opportunity would enable me to work on a project intensively and develop it in a more thorough and focused way. I have high standards for the quality of my work: The hot glass process needs repetition in order to achieve the perfect shapes and quality I strive for. This opportunity would be invaluable for the planned body of work! I plan to show a part of the work as outfits or costumes at the Glass Fashion Show of the Annual International Conference of the Glass Art Society (GAS), taking place in June 2009 in Corning, New York. Studio glass artists, gallerists and collectors from all over the world will visit this conference. It will be an excellent opportunity to bring me to an international audience as an artist working with sculptural glass body adornment.

In Sept./Oct. 2009 I will have a solo exhibition of my current body of work at Timespan Museum in Sutherland (working title “Where the bones of the Earth shine through...”) and the pieces made will naturally be a major part of the exhibition – alongside other smaller jewellery pieces, textile body adornment and life drawing.

'Bone Neckpiece (One Shackle)'
hot sculpted glass, hand crafted silver