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Pam Wright

Project summary:

“Our vision is successive and not simultaneous: when we look at lines, our eyes move, travel along them, and it is the only fact that might explain how these lines, dead objectively or aesthetically, become alive and express thus our various states of mind”. (M. Borissavlievitch).

The work that I have produced uses line to explore the nature of our seeing and the consequent experiential responses that we have, and is part of an ongoing exploration of how to express and communicate spatial experience.

The work that I have produced uses lines in relationship to define space, and to place us in particular relationships with what we see. Light and the resulting shadow intensify the dimensional sense and accentuate spatial response.

Much of what I produce as still images have a quality of visual order and rhythm while the videos explore the choreographic nature of our relationship with the spatial world in which we move, a world that is rarely static and one in which we are constantly adjusting and readjusting. Any stillness that we experience comes from within the space of our own interior selves.

The work is produced from ordered strands and threads of white paper, either in gridded layouts or in rows that are placed on open, white surfaces. Light is played on the strands which reflect light or defines them with shadow, and also casts shadows across surfaces. Abstraction is important in order to counter the tendency to objectify or identify what we see.

'Spatial Variation'