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Orly Orbach

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The picture 'Who Killed Cock Robin' is about magic, death and change. It was made as a commission for a collaborative book about the origins of Nursery Rhymes by Chris Roberts, published by Granta Books, 2004.

'Who Killed Cock Robin? by Orly Orbach.'

Ink drawing


My work explores how stories mutate and transform as they are passed from one person/generation/culture to another. My work is inspired by the written word as well as visual imagery and performance. In my work I use ancient and modern myths, fables, poetry and plays, which I reinterpret and incorporate into my own visual narratives.  

I am interested in the connection between illustration and theatre, or drawing and action. I am currently working on a series of prints based on observed and imagined sketches of rehearsal and plays. Together, the prints will form a broken narrative which the viewer will be able to thread together, a 'Theatre on Paper'.