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Nikki Armstrong

Project summary:

As someone who has never been able to pigeon-hole herself as any one thing, (be it ceramic artist, printmaker, animation model maker, dj), and someone who has always enjoyed collaborating with artist / musician acquaintances, I have thought for a long time that a web emporium may be the perfect solution, a platform for all of these things and more.

I have a collection of my own small 2d illustrations, intaglio prints, found objects and collages and a background in printmaking, ceramic sculpture and animation model making. I am very inspired by a certain aesthetic style (eg Jan Svankmayer, Edward Gorey, Victoriana, taxidermy, museums), and however un-connected my different creations may seem, anything I make always seems to have this underlying style of slightly macabre or quirky.

I am uncomfortable with the fact that none of my work has any sort of context...its just there, because it came out of my I feel that a logical next step would be to give all my creations a place to live and be connected to each other. Initially I would like to bring them to life by developing a narrative and a short animation for my creatures. This would become an intro piece to a website / online 'emporium' of artworks and multimedia - not only by myself but as a platform for showcasing the work of other artists too, who have a similar ethos and style. I have needed and wanted to build my own website for a long time, so having the facilities together with the creative environment and some technical assistance available, would be a great help towards promoting myself as an artist / maker.