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Nancy Upshall

Project summary:

My work is concerned with the notion of spaces, those in which we live, through which we pass, and, most significantly, the intervals between.

Exploring such clichés or dicta as 'Silence is golden','Mind the gap', 'Lost for words', these prints address the idea of silence and its relevance in today?s world of non-stop communication, profusion of written words, and deafening cacophony of spoken words, traffic noise, musak etc.

Text and random marks overlaid with subsequent text and marks, harmonies and discords of colour, weave the equivalent of the blanket of everyday sound, punctured occasionally with gaps, rare but welcome moments of silence.


Silence. Sound Barrier by Nancy Upshall. Photo Pete Beardsmore.

Monoprint, collage, gold leaf 50cm x 72cm