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Mike Radford

Project summary:

Mike Radford’s mission is to create innovative designs and products by using only the minimum in materials and processes.

Using the latest technology in laser cutting on sustainable birch-ply. The current Koivu range recreates the patterns of barks and natural textures transferred onto ply wood.

The use of a novel locking system means the ply wood can be assembled into tall structures, Using no extra materials, processes or glues.

The Koivu range brings the natural world into the urban environment through contemporary lighting structures.

Recently Michael was shortlisted for the Homes and Gardens classic design awards and has been successful in obtaining several high profile overseas commissions. During his time at the Artist to Acsess scheme Mike will be developing new lighting products and working on the maufactring of the lights paying particular attention to making Jigs which will reduce the manufacturing processes and time.

'4D Designs Koivu Forest 4'
Sustainable Birch-Ply