Previous AA2A Artist

Mike Kerslake

Project summary:

While in residence at the Liverpool Community College's Arts Centre I will focus on wood-carving. I shall take a sculpture from concept to completion; starting with a section of tree and ending in a smoothed and sealed, finished carving.

I am interested in direct carving and the truth to materials approach to sculpture as explored by the likes of Brancusi, Moore and Nash. My carvings are not premeditated pieces with set designs or plans to follow. The natural shape and contours of the wood suggest forms held within, that emerge, are exaggerated and evolve in the sculpting process. The end result is unknown until attained. Students will be invited to follow the entire process: from markings on the surface of the wood and cutting into the organic, untouched matter through to the final sanding and finishing. I wil1 be keen to share my past experiences with them too, and offer career guidance wherever possible.

During the residency, I would also aim at reworking the white stone spiral on the gravelled roof of the College. The new layout will be designed whilst in the college, taking into account the history of the piece in its specific context as well as feedback from its everyday audience - the college community.

wood carving - approx 2m