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Michael Smith

Project summary:

Michael’s vibrant and dynamic drawings and paintings are characterised by intense, energetic brushstrokes and bold use of colour. Salvaging large pieces of found board Michael combines acrylics and oil paint with pen, pastel and charcoal to define his subject matter, which often illustrate his experiences and surroundings of the North Norfolk countryside.

It is envisaged that Michael will produce a body of drawings at the life classes and based on his experiences at NUCA. These drawings and sketches would be developed on site or at his studio and become inspiration for large scale paintings.

Michael is an exceptional talent and an experienced painter yet is still relatively unrecognised as a Norfolk or UK artist. He already has several works in public and private collections (including The Musgrave Kinley Outsider Art Archive, currently housed at The Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA), Dublin) though we hope this project will develop his already strong artistic vision and help propel his career forward to attract the attention of the International art market, in particular collectors in USA and Europe.

Michael has been working in the same environment for over 20 years and this opportunity would undoubtedly broaden his artistic vision and enable him to experience new avenues of creative output that would not normally be available to him.

He would enjoy all aspects of going to an art college, from engaging with the culture of Norwich and the student community to enjoying the freedom to experiment, thinking differently and being an individual. We hope this project will increase his confidence and improve his existing skills in an institution many take for granted.

Students would be informed of Michael’s progress and outcomes at an exhibition and online via RoaR website.

'Untitled (Dogbird)'
acrylic and pastel on cardboard - 100 x 60cm