Previous AA2A Artist

Michael Phillips

Project summary:

The work produced on the AA2A scheme focuses on the spaces in the world that have been bypassed by the mainstream. These are the 'Roads Less Travelled', and are formed when new, or more convenient or safer routes through our environment negate the existence of alleys, yards and back roads. To explore these 'roads less travelled' I have been walking through familiar areas, finding public spaces that do not have a direct purpose. From these areas I have collected evidence of the common life we all recognise and used these insignificant objects to create objects of significance. This work is ongoing and the results are collected together into a piece of work that both celebrates the objects that have formed it, and the separate spaces from which they originate.

Access to space and equipment has allowed me to explore ideas faster than I could have done otherwise. This project has helped me to focus on my work, even if only for a few hours a week this has been so valuable.

'The Road Less Travelled'
cast concrete modular piece