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Maya Selway

Project summary:

The way we interpret and evaluate the world around us has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. I am primarily interested in the way we perceive and decipher three-dimensional information, often filling in the gaps using such clues as shadow, highlight, memory and logic.

I am influenced by my experiences as a theatrical prop maker. I like the idea that my objects become props in a domestic or gallery setting. My inspirations are diverse; nature and architecture, painting and film, personal memory and literature.

I enjoy bringing together contrasting ways of working silver, such as the highly reflective finish of polished sheet and the more organic forms created through hand raising and forging. I make use of the ways in which silver lends itself to the exploration of optical effects and illusions.

My work has been exhibited in public, domestic and corporate interiors. My major pieces and selling range have been sold through galleries, fairs and private commissions.