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Matthew Denniss

Project summary:

I have become interested in a number of ideas concerning electricity and energy, growth, understanding natural systems and processes, networks and hubs. I have allowed myself to work from one area to the next however disparate they seem, and I have found an underlying logic connecting these areas and this approach has been the basis for my research. I propose to construct a wind turbine which will generate electricity which could be used to power some of my projects. It wind turbine will be loosely based on an 1887 design by professor James Blyth who constructed a number of wind turbines in the late nineteenth century. I would not realistically be able to undertake such a project without this level of support. It will give me access to equipment which I need to use but which is not viable for me to buy. The most important way in which this opportunity will help me is in being able to talk to and ask the advice of a technician, I am far from being an engineer and this project will be taking my work into an area in which there are some unknowns. I see my work as becoming more project based and site specific. I would like to give my practice longer and more intense periods of reflection and production.