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Mary Kenny

Project summary:

I was born in Birmingham, studied sculpture at Bath Academy of Art, and have been living in the Scottish Borders with my husband (also an artist) and son for many years. I have been a professional artist and sculptor for 27 years, and latterly also work as a professional storyteller in the oral tradition. Originally, I always worked in stone, and having completed a years apprenticeship, worked in the stone carving and restoration trade for about 8 years. At the same time I developed and exhibited my own carvings, and was fortunate enough to have participated in symposia, in Portland, and in Hungary.

At the end of the 80's, I moved to Scotland, went to work in the theatre, in celebratory and community art, doing project based work with people of all ages and abilities, from murals, to paper lanterns, and tactile environments. At the same time I began, (sometimes still do) working freelance for a small company, ('Chalk and Grime', now 'Chalkworks') making public art and work for the heritage industry. Modelling in clay ,wax and plaster, casting and constructing... the results are in museums and castles all over Britain.

More recently, since becoming a mum, I have returned to painting, as well as continuing to develop sculpture and people based work. In 2001 I carved seven large bass relief panels for a site specific commission in my home town. This year I worked in willow in another site specific public commission, and have just returned from the Scottish international stone carving symposium : the 'Clach'.

And long long last ,the chance to get my hands on some bronze, in a college environment. It's like being a kiddie in a sweetie shop!


'Little Swimmers'
original wax with two casts in wax