Previous AA2A Artist

Mary Delmage

Project summary:

As a painter working in oil on canvas my AA2A access has been a valuable time for me, giving me the opportunity to explore my work through different materials and methods. In the printmaking room at PCAD I've been using materials and techniques that I haven't had access to for many years. Concentrating on silkscreen I approached image-making from a fresh vantage point, picking up threads of past ideas and trying out different colours and processes. Working on the same image over and over expanded my relationship with the image.

As a starting point I used drawings I had made based on the singing angels in Piero's Nativity and of people sleeping on public transport. I took the screenprinted images through a process of printing, painting, washing and altering. I also experimented with printing on a range of surfaces, from heavy watercolour paper to tissue paper, and textiles from muslin to canvas. I allowed mistakes to occur, sometimes taking the process beyond that which the materials could sustain. With an interest in surface, texture and the serendipities that appear on weathered surfaces, I aimed to balance the surface and abstract qualities of the print with the representational content. Subsequently, in my work on canvas with oil paint I've continued the experimental approach by using a range of media and materials: watercolour, ink, sugar, charcoal, oil, pastel, coloured pencil and acrylic.

Fascinated by aspects of people and places that may go overlooked, I'm interested in discovering a resonance that carries us beyond initial appearances.

'Sleeper Gatwick'
silkscreen on paper