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Martin Pick

Project summary:

My work, as a documentary photographer, focuses on people and their interaction with the built environment and world of work. My application to the AA2A scheme will, I hope, allow me to develop and expand that practice by exploring simularities and differences within the subject matter of a common theme and within and between photographic printing techniques.

The contrasts between geographic locations facinates me. My ambition is to explore the differences and simularities between a common activity ‘Markets’ at different geographic locations within the UK; using documentary photography. My initial plan is to work at Doncaster, Cambridge and Newcastle markets together with a car boot sale close to Doncaster. Having created the images I propose to further explore and expand the study by using a mixture of modern, traditional and historic printing techniques.

Digital imaging dominates but as a start point how will it respond to expansion through traditional and historic printing techniques? Will the market scenes of Doncaster, Cambridge and Newcastle respond to historical technices in contrast to the modern car boot sale or will subject matter, mood and light dominate? Which will have greater importance – a pin sharp digital image, atmospheric calotype or difuse bromoil? Is one documentary and the other fine art or is the only differentiator the price tag? Is David Hockney’s view that the value in a piece of art is related to the time invested in it valid in this case?

My experiences during the development of this project and responses to an exhibition which would be an output of the project may go some way to addressing these questions.

The sub text to this work will be an exploration of myself and my inate abilities as a documentary photographer. Will I identify differences and similarities with the compelling and layered world of ‘Fine Art’ photography?