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Marlene Tanti

Project summary:

I have spent my time at Hertfordshire University on the AA2A Scheme working on a new body of Ceramic pieces. I have been developing my idea for creating decorative water bowls for gardens or interiors. I produced a series of bowls which were fired to stoneware and decorated with coloured slips and glazes with images representing fish, plants and birds using incised and relief modeled decorating techniques. Some of this work has been exhibited in the Margaret Harvey Open Exhibition in St Albans, where it won the Best Applied Arts Prize for Hertfordshire, and in the London Potters Exhibition at Morley Gallery, London. 

I continued to take the idea further by making larger pond surrounds using similar methods of decorating these larger tile panel surrounds for these new water features. The images for this series of work on the larger tile panel surrounds have drawn on inspiration from Islamic Gardens and the idea of an Oasis surrounding an area of water. I intend to develop the idea further by incorporating circulating water and making more complex pieces that also use decorative side panels or additions to the central decorative pond area. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time spent at Hertfordshire University on the AA2A Scheme, and the opportunity it has given me for interacting with other AA2A artists, Students and Staff. During my time at the University, I have also engaged students on a project exploring the Gas Reduction firing process at my studio at the Digswell Arts Trust in Stevenage, where they have also been able to view other Artist/ Craftspeople at work. Having access to well equipped workshops and being in a creative environment has allowed me to explore and develop ideas and achieve a body of creative work, which I do not think would have been possible without this marvelous opportunity, for which I am very grateful. 

'Decorative Water Features/ Ponds '
ceramics approx size: one metre square x 28 cm.