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Marion Kuit

Project summary:

At the start of the AA2A project I was interested in the influence of supermarkets and the main food producers on our eating habits and the link with 'lifestyle'. The pre-occupation with diet and self image as evidenced in the media. The resulting prints have been based on beach sketches and recent media images, with the use of the medium of acid etching links with traditional depictions of the figure. The faceless figures are to reflect the supermarkets indifference to the result of their low quality, cheap food policies. Similarly, the images of bodies are printed lighter than the captions, since the effect of the message is to overpower and influence the purchaser. The titles of the slogans encourage buyers to consume more than they need, while being assured that 20% fat free products can be enjoyed with impunity.


20% Fat Free by Marion Kuit. Photo Roger Lee.

Etching & aquatint