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Marie Roberts

Project summary:

My recent work has combined natural form with domestic objects. These objects have sprung from memories and experiences. I have physically combined casts from my body with found and/or functional objects. The resulting objects often have a dark element, which simultaneously attracts and repels. Through my work in iron, I have made experimental pieces, pushing the limitations of the material. I have ‘wrapped’ iron around stone, and have poured iron into glass. I wish to pursue my interest in hot metal casting through the use of material new to my practice. The principles and techniques involved in bronze casting are of great interest to me. I would also like to further my knowledge of patination techniques. The opportunity of taking part in the AA2A scheme would give my practice the kick-start that it requires. Although I have continued to make work, due to a career change, I have not had the opportunity to access facilities that would allow me to make a body of work suitable for exhibition.