Previous AA2A Artist

Maria Pavledis

Project summary:

Going back to NSAD (20 years on from graduation) on the AA2A scheme has enabled my work to develop technically and conceptually. Unexpectedly I found myself reflecting upon the experience of returning and memory which fed into the exploration of story and narrative.

Probably the most important aspect of the scheme for me was to learn new printmaking processes from the print technician Ernst Nichol, who was very generous with his time and knowledge. The environment and support given meant that it was possible to take risks and experiment in a focused and purposeful way.

Working alongside another AA2A artist, Sarah Wilson, in the Print Workshop was helpful in several ways, and we are now aiming to set up a printmaking studio and explore exhibiting opportunities.

As well as the print workshop, I also accessed the drawing workshop on several days and being able to work between the drawing workshop and the print room deepened the understanding of drawing within the prints, and began to resolve some long held questions about drawing from life in my work. At times, I did monoprinting in the drawing workshop. The library was also a really useful resource.

As access to quality printmaking facilities has proved an obstacle to me, the AA2A scheme has answered a very practical need. More than this, being in the environment of the art college created opportunities for the discussion and exploration of ideas, which expanded my thinking. The art college, in particular the printmaking staff, have been extremely accommodating and helpful throughout.

'Blue Tree'
monoprint - 40 x 30cm