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Mandy Hills

Project summary:

The type of work I propose to do would be a combination of Printing, Painting and Collage. The main points of this project would be to:

- Work with the ideas I have and allow room for the work to develop naturally. Transfer the medium to printing/painting and to change the scale of the images. In addition, use a sub theme in the work of generating printed wallpaper. Produce a series (minimum of three) of work that lends itself to the themes of the images.

- Exhibit the work in a group show (Dec 06) and to continue working with the facilities and space in order to gain further exhibitions. I want to play with the style of the images, color and composition to create bolder and more dramatic pieces.

In the past I have thought the work might work well as images for childrens books, but I am reluctant to use them as illustrations page for page, but rather to create a theme and atmosphere in which elements and ideas reoccur within the series. I am interested in the work becoming looser rather than retained to a brief and storyline.

silkscreen on paper - size A1