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Lynne E Snowden

Project summary:

I am a multi disciplined artist who favours incorporating the use of multiple light projection, often utilising new media, shadows, looped live footage, photographic still projection, live movement, dance, performance and the mixing of older techniques within my work.

I became involved with Education Leeds "Artists Carousel", since graduating in 2008, after responding to an invitation to visit schools as an artist, to facilitate workshops, as a pilot scheme, which is presently being launched in Local Authority Schools throughout Leeds. The college facilities would mean that I could work on captured footage from those pilot workshops as a way of developing my own practice, therefore becoming more familiar with up to date film editing software and in particularly high definition technology.

The possible engagement in some constructive critical dialogue from college students interested in developing site specific work and large scale projecting would be welcomed.

I would like to be able to produce a finished film to take forward into schools to show the students what can be done with new media whilst mixing it with more traditional media. I would hope to be completely up to date with what is new in HD technology and would be looking to be progressive in my own ability, confidence and professional development with a veiw to developing a new piece of work for 2010.

This will be the first practical opportunity for me to develop this area of my practice since graduating.