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Lyndsay Martin

Project summary:

I have been working as a freelance artist, based in London, since graduating from Central Saint Martin’s in 2006, having achieved an MA with distinction in Communication Design.

Pattern, texture and colour inspire my artwork and I like to experiment in bringing together different mediums. My work often explores the physical and emotional consequences of human relationships, using a mix of photography, collage, found objects and digital media.

‘Edge of Love’ is taken from a personal body of work based around the emotions felt following the breakdown of a relationship. It explores the feeling of loss, concentrating on an identity forgotten and the inability to let go or move on.

My current work uses photography, for me this was a natural progression for my work, which started as mixed media/collage/sculpture. I have always found household objects/clothing from the past decades of interest. Photography gave me the chance to initially show my mixed media pieces in a different way which has evolved through the last two years now after photographing the object/figure put the original photograph on the light box and re photographing, having layered other photos/materials on top of each other. This procedure allows me to block out parts of the image as well as achieving the muted colour palette that I want to create.

I am aiming to produce a new body of work to eventually exhibit. I would like to develop my art, moving into large-scale/installation. I want to work on large-scale photography re-working on top of the final prints, using hand drawn, or screen-printed elements. I also would like to experiment projecting the images onto wallpaper and other surfaces, starting to add texture back into the final pieces. Alongside large/installation work I am interested in producing smaller images to hopefully form a booklet.

'Edge of Love'