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Lois Hopwood

Project summary:

In my painting practice I have a routine of one day drawing and one day painting. On a purely practical level I would like to make six large stretchers prepare the canvases and paint on them as a continuation of my Stone cycle ‘Carregan’ series.In this series I take reference samples of stones and grasses from the landscape that I have been working in, back to the studio and make an acrylic painting of them.

The resulting work makes an expressionist landscape painting that is factually based on the reference, but the scale is altered so that a small fragment of stone or a piece of Lichen becomes a whole world. Hereford College would give me stretcher making and canvas preparation to get a process started whereby the studies are translated into larger oil paintings.

The other project that I would like to undertake is a short stop motion animation/ or short film about the landscape. When I was at film school we made shorts that were narrative lead because that is what the directors wanted to make. But as an artist I have always been moved by films of natural phenomena.

At the serpentine in 2000 there was a film about ice melting projected onto an enclosed space. I have something similar in mind for the bell tower room of our local church. In 2008 I saw the work of the Wilson twins at Walsall city art gallery. It was a film of WWII Pill boxes. The sound track may have been of breathing or of waves. I would like to make a stop motion animation that is something akin to time lapse photography with a sound track.

Acrylic Painting on Canvas 2'3 (w) x 18"